Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teatime - 73

A couple of hours work on the ground cover today..also managed to fit in a 5.18 mile run..actually the furthest I've ever run non was a challenge and I succeeded. you know...I think the end is in sight for this's been a long project. Probably with in the next two weeks...but I've still to introduce some interesting elements before then!


Devil Mood said...

Ah exercising truly is addictive! Shame I lost my vice. :(

Don't worry if you don't see me around for a few days, going away for some holidays. Take care!

Niall young said...

DM...It's never too late to get fit in some way or other! I get to do my best thinking when i'm running!!

Hope you have a really good break...remember to take some're a great photographer you know!!