Thursday, May 10, 2012

Muse-ic - 1

 It's time to begin the new work. I've called the picture Muse-ic addressing firstly the 'Muse' and secondly 'music'..The 'IC' also can be pronounced 'I see'. The muse I see! Simple when you know! Anyway...I transferred the drawing of the boy and the Spitfire (see above) but felt distinctly unsure about his I reworked the drawing and decided to instead have his attention taken by the aircraft...he is I think more wrapped up in his play to notice the viewer or whatever else will be going on around him!
 I tried to replicate how I looked as a boy his age, but didn't have any good photos to work I made it up..I'm actually happy with the way things turned out (I really never looked that angelic!) and so began the first application of ink.
Once I was happy with the initial establishment of the facial features, I could begin work on the hair...tomorrow I shall also give him his ear! as long as you'll give me your ear and attention, you'll see what I have in store for your eyes over the next few months!


Shachi said...

I love the title :).....looking forward to the progress on this picture :)

Devil Mood said...

Very clever title :)