Monday, May 07, 2012

What i'm up to....Muse-ic of the stars.

Apologies seem to be in order...there seems to have been a fault recently with my Blogger settings which has meant that a few comments haven't reached me..and my recent posts have not published. Viscount Bubbles was completed on Friday, but the post somehow didn't get will later today!

Meanwhile, i thought you might like to see this Little sketch which might wet your appetite for the next piece. In my own opinion, I've been producing work which is below par...I'm constantly being left deflated and dissatisfied, and I don't like it. OK, so it's the desire to attain perfection that keeps us creative types striving for the perfect composition, and yes, that's a greater part of my current state. so onwards I go...the main aim is to block out all negative feelings...all hesitations and doubt...find the space where the muse is not only whispering words spun of gold and star light into my ear...but shouting them so that they echo off every sense and memory resonating notes of visual wonder....

easier said than done you'd possibly think? Well only time will tell...I came up with the sketch of the little boy who, yes represents me...he's begun appearing in my recent works and I'm happy to say he'll be in the next one...I used to love my model aeroplanes...the Airfix Spitfire 1:24th scale was the ultimate when I was here it let the wonder begin!