Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Muse-ic - prep/ sketches.

 The photographs above were taken around 1970..they show my Mum and Dad posing with me(in the red) and my brother Tim (who'd just returned from hospital after having an operation on his hand.) The reason i wanted to show you this was to illustrate my original love of model the top photograph, although it's hard to see in this copy, I'm holding the very first model I made with the help of my was a Douglas Boston which was an American twin engined fighter/bomber that also flew with the RAF in World War 2.....I no longer have the model you'll not be surprised to hear, but one day I'll make another one !

Oi!...wake up! This is important to me!

For the purposes of my next composition, I wanted to include a likeness of me holding a model of a Supermarine Spitfire..Below you see the sketch I published yesterday which I've scanned and enlarged to the size I want for inclusion in the picture. this is overlaid with a tracing i made making refinements and alterations..and a small model Spitfire for reference.

Below is the same drawing with a few more alterations...I need to work on the shape of the aircraft wings a little more before it's ready for transfer...

As a little post script, i thought I should mention that it was exactly a year ago today that i began my exercise and weight loss programme...I've kept the weight off and I'm running on a regular basis...physically I've managed to totally change my life in the last year !


J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

Thank you for excavating this artifact and reviving it with this illustration. Looking forward towards watching your new work develop, always full of surprises.

Devil Mood said...

Ah, this is fitting because I went to on the scales today, which I hadn't done in a long time...and I think I could definitely do without 1 or 2 kilos. Maybe this date coincidence will inspire me ;)