Thursday, January 10, 2013

Minipix - Lung Trees.

Lung Tree - (2013)
8 x 5 cm. is the first piece of original work I've done since November last year. It felt good to sit down and apply myself today....there is probably only about 4 hours work in the image is after all fairly small...hence the name 'Minipix'. I've sold a few this size at exhibitions in the's an inexpensive way for people to own a piece of original Hyperpoinillist artwork.
Having completed this, I moved onto another composition today...below is the base colour of dark blue dots for '3 Lung Trees' It is created in exactly the same way as 'Lung Tree' and will probably have a similar colour scheme.The size is a little bigger than the previous one at 10 x 7 cm. I liked the idea of the lung theme since trees are the lungs of the planet...
Tomorrow I'll hopefully finish this one...