Friday, January 18, 2013

Misty Star Tree - Finished.

Misty Star Tree. (2013)
10 x 7 cm.
Now I've finished the three piece series which I've called 'Treeptych'. The above photo is not so good...I think it's better to view this piece along with it's other two in the series ( see below) They hark back to a time many years ago when I used to produce hazy dream like scenes...I really like these ...I'm now intending to work on a piece double the size of one of 20 x 14 cm. I'm quite intrigued by the Sea Tree (the uppermost of the trio)...I'm wondering if I might represent a series of trees planted in the sea...each tree at a different distance from the shore and all interspersed by clouds...I have also had some interesting ideas sparked by comments on my Facebook page...a snow covered beach seems like an interesting image to this space...