Saturday, January 05, 2013

Where I am..what's been..and what might be to come!

Hello dear reader...for those of you who have missed's what you've  been missing!:

Life problems...visit to GP who took my blood pressure and discovered it was at critically high levels ( 250/ 140 )....I was ordered to stop relaxation...was prescribed medication...visits to GP weekly revealed stubborn hypertension...increased meds each week till eventually this week my BP hit normal levels! Now am able to run again....went for first tentative run today...ran 2.03 miles..felt great...will go again tomorrow. Also went to play Badminton with my daughter this afternoon...medication gives me fluctuations on BP when I bend nearly collapsed a few times due to dizziness...but this is to be expected.

Many, many other things have happened and many many other things are new in my life....I'm now attending a local Church in Derby ( I'll tell you why and all the background another time!) which has given me a lovely welcome and has the most wonderful worship I've ever heard! I'm a more peaceful and relaxed 'Me'...I'm discovering things about myself that I never knew...I'm experiencing for the first time a support network of close friends and church members who care for me and allow me to be myself......

I'm also on the verge of picking up my pens once again to start creating. I'm never sure if I ever will when I take a break...and this time was no exception. I often wonder if it is worth it...if there is any point in spending time creating something that is misunderstood. I wonder if I should redirect my energies elsewhere. But each time the answer is 'no'...I have a talent..a gift..and it leaks takes urges me to create images.

My experiences have coloured my thoughts and brought contrast to my opinions and ideas....whatever I go on to create next will certainly be an expression of what is initial intention is to again create minipix to get the feel of the pens once my BP is at a normal level..I'm expecting my levels of concentration to hand to be steadier....but it's what's in my heart that I interpret the world I see and live in.

Be patient dear reader...I'm certain there'll be surprises along the way...and you'll be the first to see what it is...I'm expectant...I'm excited...I'm listening...watching...I'm ready!


Devil Mood said...

Niall, I'm really pleased that things are progressing favourably! We are always happier when we can do the things we enjoy :)