Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jigsaw - 22

Why is it, that when you throw all your jigsaw pieces into the air, they don't land ready- assembled?...wouldn't it be good if they did?...but what would be the point?....it would be a waste of time buying the jigsaw in the first place....and you'd be deprived of those times when you sit down to 'do the sky' and someone joins in... a time of sharing and laughter...concentration and achievement.Then when you find one piece is missing, you turn the house upside down until you find it..

'doing ' a jigsaw means one usually starts with the edges...the boundaries...once established, the bits in between are added...there are always some parts that are easier because they have some distinguishing feature ...but then there are the boring bits...the sky..the sea...the baked beans...(remember that one?)

A jigsaw can be a few pieces or thousands (I had a 5000 piece one)..but only time, commitment and hopefully the help of others makes it much more than putting a picture together...

...the thing is, I think a jigsaw is a metaphor....what do you think?