Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jigsaw - 23

Can you believe a days work has gone into these few jigsaw pieces?...well not a whole day, this morning I had a trip into town...recently I've bought a rather dapper summer Panama hat which is perfect for keeping the sun out of my eyes and protecting my progressively thinning scalp!...So I wanted to buy a linen jacket to complete the look ...I found exactly the thing I was looking for ! make it even better, I bought it from a charity shop for very little money!...happy and dapper I am!...a proper English gent!


Julie Schuler said...

The texture of the puzzle pieces against the table is fantastic. I do believe it would take a days work, at the very least.
Let's see you in your new hat!

susan stewart said...

Oh thank you very much Niall! Now we are GUARANTEED rain!

Panama trivia:
A true Panama hat folds up so it can be slipped into a gentleman's pocket.

Niall young said...

Julie...there are many more days of jigsaw pieces yet to go!..I'll post a hat pic sometime too!

Susan...You canb fol my hat, but it would be wrecked! I guess it's not a bona fide Panama...!

Devil Mood said...

Ah very nice!
Linen looks great but careful with the creases.

Niall young said...

DM..the creases will match the ones in my face!