Friday, June 26, 2009

Wilbur and Boscastle.

Busy day...had to take a trip down to get my eyes tested today.I knew they had deteriorated since my last visit.So much so that I will now have to wear glasses for long sight too!! I've opted for 'Varifocals' so if you bump into me in Derby, I'll be the one with my arms out and walking like I'm trying to stamp on mice that keep running away.

Here's our lovely cat Wilbur...she was sitting on the windowsill trying to catch a moth that as just eluding her...I like the fact that she hadn't noticed she was standing next to a bird.


Vinoo John said...

That was funny both about ur lenses and the remark on Wilbur!

Niall young said...

Vinoo.. my friends used to laugh when I told them I wanted to be a comedian...well,they're not laughing now.

Bob-kat said...

Wilbur is lovely and has such a great name :)