Monday, November 23, 2009

48 Candles ablaze !

This is the cake my lovely daughter made for me...yes , she really did ! she's only 9, but has memorised a couple of recipes and is able to interchange, swap and substitute the ingredients to make the type of cake she wants. She mixes,pours and bakes the cake too, although I took the cake out of the oven. She then went digging around various cupboards until she'd counted exactly 48 candles...she even took the photograph. I am obviously biased, but she is a little genius! You've guessed by now that it was my birthday .Saturday was a really nice day for me, we even had a party in the evening. and I welcomed some very dear friends to share the time with me.My friend Kay came down especially from Scotland, and an old friend Tracey whom I've been out of touch with came along....I had a nice phone call from Preeti and a singing birthday card from Devilmood.

I have been working today, but I thought I'd post this photo know it's something very special to have family and friends who love you, and I have some of the very best friends...they even still love me when I got so drunk, my trousers fell down and i didn't even notice! So this post is for you if you were there, and for you if you weren't but would like to have been. In two years I'll be 50, and I'm having a big bash with a band..dancers etc...and you are invited!...if you're able to come, I'll do my best to sort out accommodation..

PS..Cello Girls get priority!

See you tomorrow !


Preeti Shenoy said...

She is indeed a little genius!

Really glad you enjoyed your day. I was with you in spirit--not in person :-)

Lovely photo, Niall :-)
The best present of all is the presence of loving family and closest friends.

Devil Mood said...

How cool that you're already planning on future birthdays! I wish I had that spirit now...:)

Wow,your cupboards must be full of surprises, 48 candles is a lot. I love the badge you're wearing (is that what it's called?) and well done to Annie for being the party-organizer.

Tys on Ice said...

happy birthday niall... its great to be loved...may you always have that in your life and may you always recognize it...

Vinoo John said...

my seven year old happened to see reading your blog...and the photo caught her attention so she called to her sister who is 9 after reading a couple of lines"can you imagine a 9 year old made a real cake"

The cake looks awesome...wish you good health and prosperity!

Niall young said...

Thank you my good friends...I only wish you could have been there!