Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quintadagio - 27

More work on the valve gear today....that's the name for all the masses of metal you see behind the figures here.Depicting railway subjects is a bit of a gamble really...for me, the significance is symbolic, but my need to represent naturalistically my subject means that when I exhibit my work, there are (and believe me..they are very zealous enthusiasts !!) enthusiasts who will look at every detail of a locomotive and point out any anomalies. Although as I say, the subject is symbolic, I feel a compulsion to represent the subject correctly....so I strive to do that.
On a slightly different note, I've been reading a book Jan gave me as a birthday gift...it's about the work of Paul Delvaux.If you want to follow up his name for your own studies, you might discover that there are parallels between his method of composition and subject matter to my own work.Whilst I can only dream of attaining the kind of notoriety his work has received, I am finding that the critical and psychological assessment of his work excites me ..I can identify with many of his motifs. I'll write more about him another time, but for now you can see a selection of his works here.