Friday, November 06, 2009

Quintadagio - 16

Thank you so much for the good wishes for recovery....I can report I'm feeling much better today! I've really only had a heavy cold, but you know what us blokes are like ? sniffle and we're dying! Anyway, so back to work...I spend time today planning the faces of the final two cello girls to complete the Quintat....once they have been completed, I'll feel happier about the rest of the composition.I've not fully settled on the background and details, but I'm thinking all things prickly like holly, thistles,nettles,hedgehogs etc..... there's a lot of time left in this drawing as it's the same size as Jigsaw .I'm constantly feeling drawn towards larger scale work at the moment which eventually I hope will result in me moving to oil paints and larger scale canvases.


Julie Schuler said...

I really like your composition here. Glad you are feeling up to doing some work. I've had a cold, too, all week. I'm still snuffly about the snout.