Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carol singing in the avenue

Last evening we took part in carol singing to the houses in our avenue. This is a tradition that's taken place over the last six years.We post invitations to all the houses and meet under a certain lamp post...we then move from lamp post to lamp post singing under each. We then all go back to some one's house for mulled wine, mince pies etc.

Yesterday's event was attended by around 25 - 30 can see by the photos that snow was on the ground and it was bitterly cold. Temperatures in Scotland were measured at minus 16 degrees in places!!For us it was around minus 3.

every one came back to my house.To disguise the mess, we decided to ban light bulbs, so the house was lit by candles (see above)...this caused a couple of problems, as I had to go out to the car to fetch something...on return ~I dropped the keys into the what I thought was the key pot, but it turned out to be the mulled wine I'd left next to the key pot!....the keys are very sticky today!

Here are two pictures of the singers...above: singing outside our house and below , gathered outside the front garden of Tim and Lynne's.

It was a lovely evening.When every one had left...Jan and I settled down with Annie and osme friends (Andrew, Jane and Sarah) to watch a DVD of 'White Christmas'..which always makes me feel christmassy...


Lois Lindemann (three-legged-cat) said...

Sounds like a great evening. Your photos look really Christmassy, very nice.

Devil Mood said...

That's what I like: people that aren't afraid of the cold. Brrr -3.

It's a truly wonderful tradition!

Have a great Christmas Niall!

Shruti said...

really beautiful.. the pics and the spirit

..and yea, I'm late here.. was away a while and I see I have missed a LOT