Thursday, December 24, 2009

Message to Santa.

I wasn't going to write a post here tonight, but I was writing an email to my friend and whilst doing that, my daughter Annie came in with a drink and mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf. She left a note which she had hastily written...if you click on the pic you can read it. Please take note..the drink in the glass is one of my favourites: Dark rum....but there's enough there not only to incapacitate Santa, but also all his rein deers ! I will be returning it to the bottle once Annie is in bed......well, most of it !
May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.


Lois Lindemann (three-legged-cat) said...

That's a fabulous photo. The amount of rum in that glass is most impressive, but it's the letter that I like best, that's lovely.

Did Annie get her white Christmas? I hope so.

Niall young said... was snowing after midnight and we had a light dusting...some of which was still there in the morning. She was amazed when she saw it because she never really believed it would happen!

Bob-kat said...

We had a White Christmas too. I'm assuming that you drank all that rum seeing as you haven't blogged since Christmas Eve! LoL!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year : )