Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quintadagio - 43

Today had quite a pleasant start.It all started when I mentioned to Jan that being self employed at Christmas meant not having any work colleagues to have a Christmas party with.Jan is also self employed so we decided to combine our respective businesses and have our own little 'do'. But when we put our diary's...well, actually I don't keep an appointments diary, but when Jan looked at her days, we could only find this morning to have breakfast together. So we dropped Annie off at school and headed off to the local Sainsbury store cafe.
Before going to order our food, Jan thought it would be fun to buy 'Secret Santa presents' so we toddled off into the store to buy a little gift each.Once we'd each paid for our gifts, we went into the cafe to order. Whilst waiting for our food to be delivered , I set up a small Christmas tree I'd brought from home on our table.It's little fibre optic lights twinkling away.We wrapped our presents to each other in paper napkins and laid them at the base of the tree.

We then ate our food.I love a good 'Full English' breakfast, but only enjoy it rarely (this was the second in a year!)...The doctor told me to 'Keep an eye on my I put it all at the front where I can 'keep an eye on it!' After we'd eaten, we did some hand jive table dancing, played a game of charades, played spin the (ketchup) bottle for truth or dare,then opened our presents. I got a jar of anchovies in garlic and olive oil.
We returned home to resume work...Jan had to spend the day doing admin for the upcoming show which will be staged next spring...she is currently selling shows to theatres around the Midlands.I carried on with my as usual!


Devil Mood said...

That was fun! Did you make people in the cafe stare? haha

hmm that toast is looking lovely, do I see mushrooms too? It looks very nice, but I would never be able to eat so much in the morning.

Jeanette said...

That's such a fun idea! I may just steal it as I work alone most of the time as well.

Full English breakfasts..mmmmmm

Shachi said...

wow - how romantic. I should do that sometime too :)

nollyposh said...

Sounds wonderful X:-)