Sunday, December 06, 2009

Will the real Cello girl please stand up ?

I always do these introductions to what inspires me so a cringe worthy sort of way, but I guess I'm just best at drawing not writing. But here are a few of the faces that make up the inspiration for my 'Cello girl'. I'm often asked why I chose to repeat the particular look and hair stlye...well here's a sort of explanation.

Above is a photograph of the actress Wendy Padbury playing 'Zoe Herriot' in the BBC serial Doctor Who. I first noticed this character in about 1967 (I was 6 at the time) I loved the programme and loved the fact that I as a viewer became frightened when the monsters turned up, the characters were too, but learned to master their fear and eventually defeat the monsters through a mixture of bravery and science. As a child of 6 with a very active imagination which brought all sorts of nightmares and fantasies, I drew comfort from the fact that one can overcome fear ....and Zoe epitomised it for me!

In 1969, man first set foot on the Moon, and as a 9 year old, my head was still full of space fantasies and science fiction.On television, sci fi shows were all he rage, and non more so than the shows produced by Gerry Anderson. Thunderbirds had held a generation of children spellbound by the interaction of puppets and fantastic machinery. But in UFO live actors took the place of puppets. Above is Gabriel Drake playing the role of Lt.Gay Ellis...Moonbase controller. She was the perfect successor to Zoe....I thought the future would really be like this!

Below(not in any particular order ) are the types of faces and especially Bob Cut hairstyles that always catch my eye.

Gemma Arterton(starring in the movie Saint Trinians)

Georgina Taylor..actress, appearing here in the BBC series 'Casualty'

Maria De Medieros..actress , appearing here in the movie 'Henry and June'

Phoebe Cates as seen in the movie 'Drop Dead Fred'
And last but not least, the TV, Radio presenter and journalist Anne Diamond

So there you have it. Now when you see my work and the girls that appear in the scenes, you'll know why they look the way they doubt more cringe worthy posts on the subject will appear another time!


Devil Mood said...

There's definitely a trend there. It's all perfectly understandable for me, as my characters are sometimes a mix of a number of people and sometimes they do repeat themselves.