Friday, August 03, 2012

sinodd - 5

I don't think I should really be showing you this...I don't usually give away my secrets...but here you can see how I put together my compositions. i like to treat my characters like actors on a stage..I like to make my drawings , then make tracings of them...I tear them into separate pieces so that I can place them and move them around the page until I find the correct you can see the drawing of the boy who I intend to be leading the chimp by the hand...a third 'Mad vicar' will be placed between the two on the pew! I'm quite happy with this grouping although there are a few details i want to address...for example the boy will be carrying something in his right hand..perhaps a book..perhaps the woolly panda he's seen with in other pictures...I favour the book which might be about dinosaurs...

More next time!