Monday, August 20, 2012

Sinodd - 15 Fizzy Fun Run

 Continued working on the background today..still looking to regain some sort of a regular routine which seems to elude me. School holidays will be over soon, and my eldest son will move out to new digs and a new year at other son will return to college.

Last evening I joined with friends and family of Geoff Sims who as you may know sadly died in 2010. Geoff was in charge of the Edinburgh Marathon and all fund raising initiatives surrounding it, so after he'd passed away, it was decided to run an annual fun run to remember him and raise funds for the specific charities. this time we were raising funds for the Hospice in which eh spent his last few days. St Columba's in Edinburgh runs solely on donations from the public, so it seemed a perfect recipient for the money we'd raised.

Here's a photo taken last night at the starting line...there weren't many of us taking part, but it was a lovely time despite it being an extremely warm evening! Afterwards we gathered at a local rowing club with a number of others who had taken part in the race to drink a toast to our lost friend.


Devil Mood said...

That's fantastic! Glad you had this innitiative for Geoff. I can't really imagine this sort of thing in my country. It's not that people aren't charitable, but it wouldn't occur to anyone to raise funds in memory of a friend. It's a beautiful thing!