Wednesday, August 01, 2012

To my detractors. (that's nothing to do with farm machinery by the way!)

I thought by way of explanation, I'd attempt to answer some of the questions that are often levelled at me by way of criticism or envy. To get to where I am now. at this point in my life, I've had to work steadily and honestly towards a goal that I held as a distant dream, which although I had the ability...I was never sure that it would ever become a reality.
I've always been a frugal sort of person, I've never held material gain as something important in my fancy cars, no foreign big houses. All I've ever wanted to do was spend my time making the kind of art I wanted ....I've worked in a variety of jobs which although relatively well paid, have often been chosen to enable me to continue working on my art in my spare time. My wife and I have always applied for mortgages which were easily affordable whilst many of our friends opted for the most expensive...we've bought houses which have increased well in value, we've sold at times when the market is strong and invested as much as possible in a deposit for our next house. Many years down the line we find ourselves with an amazingly low mortgage.
I am in the enviable position where I do not need to work for a weekly wage, Jan is working regularly at something she enjoys and which pays our bills. whilst we live in a constant state of imminent disaster...we are able to provide for our children and maintain our current state. this is believe it or not, a condition which constantly brings with it a kind of excitement in it's vulnerability.
I am therefore able to explore my creativity in visual representation. Currently I'm exploring and addressing various aspects of my parent's influence on my development, my sexuality, my sensitivity and my love of the world around me which colours my imagination.
It is often said that the difference between and artist producing 'Art' and an artist producing illustrations is that 'Art' concerns a visual language with which the artist seeks to make sense of their understanding of their world...a strange alchemy of experience, questing and reference....
In whatever way you care to interpret my work, I'm doing so because I am able...because i have the time...I'm not tied to evening or weekends...It is my life.

That is all.