Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Sinodd - 6

As you've probably guessed by now, I've been very wrapped up with the coverage of the Olympic Games. It's great! I have no apologies to offer, it's a wonderful celebration of human endeavour and a shining beacon of positivity. Of course I'm quite buoyant with the performance of Team GB! It's even had an influence on my own running experience. I run a regular distance of either 5.06 miles or 6.01 miles most evenings. I'm not fast, so it usually takes me around around 75 minutes to complete the 5 mile route. but last night I found myself running faster than I've done and completed the route in 63 mins!...a personal best. In a couple of weeks i shall be running to raise money in memory of my friend Geoff Simms who died of cancer in December 2010. More on what I'm doing and how you can contribute nearer the date!

I've now added the figures you saw in my last post...the most important thing is to establish the facial features and expressions.I'm really pleased with these because they're all based on photos I've taken of myself in preparation for this piece...all of them except for the Chimp of course! Incidentally, my younger self here does seem to have ridiculously 'big hair'...it's actually quite accurate...I used to look like that ! (oh to be able to have that luxury again !)


Devil Mood said...

Hi Niall,
been away for a few days, good to see the progress you've made.
Also been glued to the chair with the Olympics, despite not having any medals to brag about but that's not what it's all about, to me anyway. They are definitely inspiring to keep a good level of fitness. Well done on your PB :D

Niall young said...

DM..you are absolutely right of course...I've loved the Olympics ever since I can remember. I remember GB only used to win one or two medals ...it was always about the taking part...the achievement and wonder. today I watched a the first ever female competitor from Saudi Arabia...she came in 45 seconds after the winner of the heat. but the crowd cheered and clapped in recognition of her effort and the historic significance of her appearance. about such things is the olympics!