Thursday, November 29, 2012

It is finished!

Finally finished this commissioned piece for Big window Theatre Company today. It feels good to finish something. I'm afraid my current health problems have robbed me of motivation. I visited the Doctors again yesterday and after another ridiculously high Blood Pressure reading, I'm now on medication to control it.The main frustration as far as that is concerned is that I've been advised to stop my running for the time being. As you know I'm a regular runner and I love the freedom and challenge of the road...I'm still allowed to walk lots, which is what I am now doing. But I'm not happy.

My current priority is to look after myself and seek happy things! So apologies if my dotting does not occur for a while...when I'm feeling better, I'll be back at it!


Devil Mood said...

That is a cute poster!

Oh I'm sorry to hear about your blood pressure problems. Hopefully once you've got that stabilised you can go back to your running. I understand how you must miss it.