Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Viaducts - 9

Finished the Jeans after long and careful concentration. Added a couple more butterfly's and after this photo was taken, I began work on the bridge which is immediately behind me.

A challenging time for me at the moment. My new Face book page has been running for a couple of weeks featuring an ever growing display or mounted prints which are for sale. So far I've had three customers which is (to me) very humbling and quite moving. Two of the prints were dispatched today to America..the very act of going to the post office , selecting the correct packaging , addressing and then handing them to the Post master felt as if I was setting out on a new journey. Silly I know, because the journey began a while ago...

I have book a couple of weeks exhibition space next year and I'm attempting to arrange a visit to a Gallery here in Derbyshire well known for it's exhibitions of nationally and internationally renowned artists. I really, really need to make some money, we all know that things are difficult for many people and families right now...and mine is no exception. It's time I pulled my finger out and got working!


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