Thursday, November 22, 2012


What a week...! Do you ever find that things suddenly sweep past you and you find you're busier than a bee with an itch? Well that'll be me!. a roller coaster ride of dashing about and catching up on things that have been left dormant for too long. the whys will remain unsaid..but the wherefores are many seeing me trying desperately to thrust my work into the sight of those who might give me the benefit of their experience and even possibly a chance to sell.

Galleries, shops, tourist information centre and theatrical companies have had the pleasure of my presence, and in the case of the theatrical company and the Information Centre, I've been on the receiving end of some much needed wages!

the most surprising was The tourist Information Centre who having had a stock of my prints for a few years, came to my attention when a friend saw my work in their window. to cut a long story short I discovered they had sold a good amount of the prints and a nice sum of money was awaiting me. shame they'd never managed to inform me! Still...I have it now!

I've had a birthday...I've had health issues (seeing doctor about those)...and I've discovered that my life is very different than I had originally thought...( good and bad!).

I've taken to enjoying walks in the park..(see above photo)...I love sitting watching the trees...the seagulls ( perhaps that should be Land Gulls?) I'm still running, though I've decided not to push myself to achieve the half marathon I'd planned to do at the end of this month.

Wish i could tell you more...not dotted very much since last week...I need to...I will do....

Bye for now.


J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

I'm so pleased that you are getting out there and getting paid.
I hope your health issues are the manageable kind.