Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cello - 6 Happy Bithday Bob , 100 years old!

Yes, back in 1909, Parisian hairdresser Antoine, created the first 'Bob cut'...worn as a popular style especially in the 1920's, the style came to be a sign of a 'liberated woman'. As popular today as ever, the Bob cut has many variations and lengths. I love the bob cut happy birthday Bob!

I've been out doing role play again today, back at Nottingham University, but i've got two straight days to give to my work now......see you tomorrow.


Bob-kat said...

Do you think a Bob would suit you though ;)

I think I've seen this young lady feature in your art before.

Thanks for your well wishes. I am on the mend and the staples finally come out tomorrow!

Devil Mood said...

Oh yeah, you should get a bob cut like Sonny Bono, Niall ;)
Come on!

Niall said...

BK...From Bob cut to Bobkat!..glad you're up and about (cyberspace wise!)Just one word of warning..when they've taken the staples out, try not to nod for a couple of days!

DM..In would love to be able to have enough hair!! ...and as fopr the sonny Bono look..lololololo!

pink dogwood said...

did the neck get a little longer from cello-4 to 5 and 6?

This one is coming along really well :)