Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hoppy New Year !

I thought you'd like to see me as I set out for our annual gathering of friends to celebrate the New this country it is customary to wish people "White Rabbits" on the first of the do so brings good fortune. However this only came to mind after I'd chosen to be a giant white rabbit.......and what's more...I was the ONLY one at the party in fancy dress!...still, at least I had a big carrot!


Sue said...

Hey, it looks like fun! I hope you had a good time with it... and I wish you "White Rabbits" as today is the first of the month... I'd never heard of that!

Tys on Ice said...

happy new year niall...huh, whatsup doc?

thunderskies said...

teehee... cute costume :)
happy new year !