Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coat of many colours.

Hello you...remember me?...I thought it was about time I let you know I'm still alive, although the kicking has had to take a bit of a back seat...Christmas is a little like a family sized sledge hammer..(sadly no snow to actually sledge on !) of good company, food, organisation and (this time) more virus's producing coughs and colds throughout the family.

The traditional round of family gatherings has this year met with two new Christmas outings for Jan and I. Just before Christmas we went to the 'Hurly Burly night' at Derby Dance Centre...a night of burlesque performances including escapologist,comedian,chanteuse, mime artists and lots of lovely ladies taking their clothes off (In a very tasteful and artistic way!!)..was fantastic and lacked only the Absinthe. Next we went to the Derby Comedy Club which held a knock out tournament...one of Jan's friends was performing but sadly never made it to the final. But so inspired were we that Jan is going to enter one of the competitions...i may even have a go too!

I'm not one to tell you all about the lovely gifts i received this Christmas....but I just had to show you my new rainbow jacket (pictured above). It's knitted in wool with a fleece inner layer..it also has a hood and is really warm. Jan gave me this after I subtly showed it to her on a web site of wonders!! Wizadorea's Wardrobe is a goldmine of wonderful apparel...take some time to see what i mean!!!

I've not put pen to paper since 18 December in open hostile artfare...but I wanted to let you know that normal business will be resumed shortly after the New Year!


Devil Mood said...

I guess you deserve a holiday from painting too!
Glad to know Christmas has been eventful over there. Oh a comedy club, that reminded me of EE. ;)

Jonice said...

Loved the jacket!

Have a Happy New Year and I wish you see your best dreams come true along it.


Bob-kat said...

Perhaps we should call you Joseph in future, LoL :D

Happy New Year to you adn your family. Now Chrsitmas is out of the way things can calm down again :)

Niall said...

DM...I'm enjoying a rest from drawing at the moment.

jonice...thank you...'any dream will do! (see Bobkat's comment!)

BK...I love the coat Joseph wore in the stage show..Happy New Year to you too...