Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas approaches.

I've spent ages deliberating over what to publish gripes about the commercial present orgy that is Christmas...the effect of the economic lack of motivation to press on with my work...the lack of 'Christ ' in teenage sons who think life will be made complete with the addition of an X-Box...One thing that will stun you is the fact that over Christmas Day and Boxing Day..a group of 12+ family members will descend upon us, and you may well laugh (as I'm doing...but not for the reason you'd think!) I am the only one who'll be drinking alcohol! this might be a good thing as the lovely bottles of Red we've bought...and the Brandy...will see 100% of my attention.But with a solidly tee total family,I'm bound to say something I'll regret!...and if I perchance cause myself a self delusion that through toxic over indulgence, I'll forget and not care what I've said or done , I'll surely hear about it on every family gathering for the rest of the year.My thinking and advice is , if you're going to get a reputation...get a big one!

Oh yes...the photo is of my front room a few minutes ago...darkness has nearly fallen and everyone has left the house except me!


Vidya said...

I love the splash of color and light. One of the biggest and in fact the only reason why I look forward to winter! :D

Merry Christmas Niall!


Devil Mood said...

Must be strange drinking alone, even if it's not exactly "drinking alone". But you don't have anyone to share the joy with.

And, trust me, it's easy to say things we'll regret whether we drink or don't drink, so your family members will be as worried as you are.

Jonice said...

Your piece of advice is very wise, Niall. I'll make sure I get a big one in case I do get one... lol
Your front room looks so cosy. Know sth? I think I'll love to spend a really cold, snowy Christmas some day.
Merry Christmas to you and family, dear.

Julie Schuler said...

Complainer. I started the year with the car getting repossessed. I ended the year with the sheriff's car outside my house, getting served foreclosure papers. Beat that.

rm said...

its so beautiful...just like in a card. Merry Christmas.

Niall said...

Vidya..The good news is that the nights will begin to get shorter after today!

DM...Don't worry..I paint a bleaker picture than it really is..we all get really well as a family and I love my in-laws...we''l have a lovely time together.

jonice...The forecast is for mild temperatures here over Christmas ( 10 degrees) I love the snow and cold..

Julie...whilst i'm very saddened to hear your news, I do not view this post as an atempt to out misery-fy anybody, and I do not want to be thought of as a is of course all relative and in the light of your awful news, of course all the things I have any gripe about pale into insignificance..your argument is not with me but the government that mangled your country's financial system.

RM..Thank you...Merry christmas to you too!..and like a card, when you open up my house..there is always a warm greeting inside!

Bob-kat said...

Your front room looks lovely and cosy. It's amazing how much a few twinkly Christmas tree lights cna make a room seem snug :)

I am luckily doing no entertaining this year and I refuse to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas. I just love this time of year, I always have and I love giving presents (and receiving too LoL). I'm refusuing to let anything spoil it. Thanks for your recent visits and words of support.