Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watercolour didn't workout

I decided to produce six small pieces using simple washes...then adding washes on top, then adding landscape or other detail...I got the first and second washes down alright, but I'm afraid everything went wrong after that.I made a total mess and (no disrespect to a three year old) but my work looked like it had been done by a three year old....a colourblind one at that! So I'm going to shelve the watercolour experiments until after Christmas and get back to doing what i do best.

i love the delicacy of watercolour and the texture of the paint on the paper....but I'm going to have to practise a whole lot more!
I hope you enjoyed the previous post...the video is not very good but i chose it because it features the lyrics to the song. I've been a fan of Peter Gabriel's music since way back in 1970 when he was lead singer with Genesis.


Ps said...

How do you know that a wash is all wrong?Do you have a picture inside your head that it has to match up to? (for me If I fail to capture what i visualise, I know--so asking if its the same for you)

Niall said... wasn't the wash that went wrong, it was the stuff i put on had a had a snow covered church and the others were indistinct mountains/trees etc..

Devil Mood said...

You should ask for my grandfather's advice. He does water-colour really well. But it must be extraordinarily difficult.

rashbre said...

Actually, I zoomed in on your earlier post of the picture experiments and thought they looked pretty good. I'm sure they are testers but you seemed to be making some good images. Probably need to spend more time on the techniques (I'm no expert on any of this, by the way!)