Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Will - Self portrait at Nottingham University

This is my son will who's 13.He's a great lad, caring, gentle but deadly in a rugby scrum! As part of a working partnership with the teacher training dept at Nottingham University, a selected few of the pupils artwork is chosen to display with in the campus. Here's Will standing proudly alongside his blue self portrait..which is framed along with one of his class mates self portraits by Rika . I was so proud of Will and loved the fact that i was attending HIS exhibition.
Here's a better view of Will's painting...(photo by Annie)
I promised I'd tell you about my next project today...well, actually it's one of three projects.I'm still preparing sketches for my next big black and white picture...I'm also working on a commission...and more immediately I'm about to attempt to produce a series of watercolours. I had a go today and the results were disastrous!!! It didn't help having a fairly heavy cold and a daughter of sick from school with all the demands that brings with it.So hopefully I'll have another go with the brushes tomorrow and show you what I've been up to!


Devil Mood said...

How cool is that self-portrait? Wow, I love it!

--xh-- said...

wow, congrats to the junior, the budding artist. the self- portrait is awesome work.

Ps said...

Hey--hearty congrats to Will! It's indeed a proud moment.

thunderskies said...

he gets his artistic streak from his father, eh ?

nice use of colurs! loved the idea to keep the main subject a bit bland against a bright background :)

pink dogwood said...

There is a reflection of a little girl in the first picture, is that your daughter?

It is indeed a great painting and I can hardly wait to see your watercolour project

Niall said...

Thank you all for your comments...yes the reflection is my daughter annie!

Jonice said...

We have a saying in Portuguese that translates sth like "The fruit never falls far from the tree". Will proves the old saying. What a nice self-portrait!