Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Preeti!

I wanted so much to do something special to commemorate your birthday here's a little message from me...can you guess how I did it?

Star of India
Happy Birthday
From Niall Young


Devil Mood said...

I have no idea (lights?) but it's fabulous!

rm said...

thats an orginal wish. :-)

Ps said...

Mind blowing!!
How in the world did you do this? Auto set the camera on slow speed and quickly make the name with a pen torch?
It's simple terrific!
You have one more thing to teach me when we meet my friend :)
Thanks you so much!
Love and warmth

Ps said...

Love the label on this post ;) :)

Varun said...

Awesome piece of art! I am waiting for you to disclose the secret :)

Suma said...

wow!!! i'm watching this space :)

Niall said...

I think you all have guessed by is a light drawing. I used a little light which is on (oddly enough) a small FM Radio...I just set the camera on 'night Scene' and after many many atempts resulting in 'reeti'...'Preet'...etc...managed the pics you see here.

Gubbi said...

Good One !!

You have lots of patience. :)

Bob-kat said...

Cool. Painting in light can be very effective, especially when colour gels are employed over a flash :) Looks like you had fun.

Shachi said...

Amazing - unique birthday wish :)
Loved it!!!!

Jonice said...

Marvelous! Marvelous!

Claudine said...

the exceptional mind of an exceptional artist!

light wishes! unique Niall!

I wish you a warm Christmas

with love

ps: feel a little better, radiotherapy untill 28/01! and then ... freedom!

Bendz said...


Wish u merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2009 ;) Advanced wishes ;)

Insurance Agent

Rohit said...

Look at this Niall

Sent this to preeti too :)

Vibrant said...

I think u did it by capturing a picture from a DSLR Camera with a very low shutter speed... U moved the light torch in the pattern that appeares in the picture..