Friday, January 16, 2009

King for a Day

I've been working hard on my commission today, soi I haven't anything that i'm allowed to show you. So here's a video of a group I had a lot of respect for back in the 1980's.The Thompson Twins were named after the famous characters in Herge's 'Adventures Of Tin Tin'..evolving out of a music co operative living in a squat in London, they quickly became known for catchy pop tunes and ascerbic wit...I chose this song because I wanted to ask you..what one thing would you do/change if you were King For A Day?


Maria L. Pomponio said...

If I were king, or queen as it were, for a day? Good question. If kings/queens could perform miracles - it would be an even better question, but since they're only human I'd have to think in human terms...

If perhaps I were the King of England, I'd teach my sons to have tolerance and to set a better example for the world, the way their mother would have wanted it. I'd bring Diana back for sure.