Sunday, April 04, 2010

Martin Elliot 1947 - 2010.

Martin Elliot, the photographer responsible for one of the biggest selling and iconic images or the 1970's died at the age of 63 after a long Battle against cancer. Elliot took the photograph of his 18 year old girl friend on a tennis court in Birmingham, England in 1976 . Fiona Butler had to borrow a tennis dress, racket and balls for the shoot reportedly never made a penny from the multi million selling poster that was published. Mr Elliot however retained the copyright to the image and went on the earn a huge amount of money when the image was published by the Athena chain. 2 million copies of the poster were sold and found their homes on the bedroom walls of many a young man at the time.

First published in a calendar, marking the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977, the image captured the public's imagination as that same year, Britain's Virginia Wade went on to win the women's Singles Championships at Wimbledon. Elliot was almost apologetic when speaking about the image. He stated that he used only one roll of film a "..which is pretty feeble for a photographer" he said.

Ms. Butler, now aged 50 said that she remembered the day very well,and was quite amused that the photo taken that warm sunny September afternoon could become so famous.She also stated that she was proud to have one the most famous derrieres in history.

Meanwhile, I have had a lovely break with our friends Alison and Mark in York, and I'm enjoying time with the family eating our Easter eggs and cooking a meal... I'll be returning to my own version of 'Tennis girl' tomorrow as 'Three Graces' continues!


Jeanette said...

Great piece. Its interesting to know the background of this piece. Sad that Eliott died at quite a young age really.

Tys on Ice said...

i had this it from a debonair magazine...kept me glorious company during the adolescent boarding days...