Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ready to begin again...


I managed to get into town early this morning to buy a new pad of water colour paper. sadly the shop I use didn't have my usual which is an A2 sized pad with 300lb Cotman cold pressed paper. I like to use the watercolour paper because it's acid free, robust, takes erasing if needed and absorbs the ink quickly. I also prefer to use the reverse side. However, I was therefore forced to buy a single piece of paper rather than travel across town to another store. I bought Cotman paper again , but 200lb paper ( it was the thickest they had !) It was however bigger than A2, so I've decided to make my picture larger...the figures will be the same size, but I can now have a more in the back ground..

I've only done pencil work today, so I thought I'd post this clip from new series of Doctor Who. I know most of my readers are not in the UK, so hopefully you'll be able to see this clip...if not, then I'm sorry. I've watched Doctor Who since it began back in 1963. The new series features Matt Smith as the eleventh regeneration of The Doctor. We saw episode one last Saturday, and I give it the thumbs up....brilliant!