Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Graces (restart 6!) - 12

Things are never what they might appear to be. Here are two balls...are they just tennis balls, or symbolic of something else?...there's a Death's Head Hawkmoth in a it alive,will it escape?...or has it just been trapped in a killing jar to be carefully preserved?
Tonight I'm off to hang an exhibition. It's my third year at The Willington Arts Festival. I am exhibiting as part of the Arts Trail. Hopefully I'll bring you a few photos tomorrow.


Devil Mood said...

Can't believe I called the Death's Head Hawkmoth a simple butterfly - hope the little animal is not offended and comes back to haunt me.

Good luck with the exhibition!

Niall young said...

DM...I've had a chat with the moth, and he squeeked a reply saying you shouldn't worry, he's not offended! Incidentally...Death's Head are the only moth that make a sound. An audible squeek is emmited from it's proboscis when it enters Bee Hives (it is fond of honey!)The squeek apparently subdues the bees who don't like invaders in the hive.