Saturday, May 01, 2010

Willington - Day one.

A tired me!.Had a good first day at the Willington Arts Festival.My third appearance there, The day went well with over 150 visitor through the door of our venue. Plus I sold 3 prints!
Here's Annie helping me set up last night...she sorted all the prints for sale, and made drinks!

Rather than cart my Three Graces piece (which would have been too wide for the table anyway!) I decided to work on some easy 'Mini pix' of trees. I'm now home after having talked to most of the visitors and answered countless questions..(which is good, it's why I'm there!) There are two more days at the Festival...hopefully I'll get some photos of the other exhibitors !


Vinoo John said...

Sounds great Niall...hope you are able to sell more prints!

The Iselin Times said...

I wish I could come visit! It sounds great :)
-- SUE

Niall young said...

Vinoo..thank you for the good wishes...!I'm sure I'll sell well this time!

Sue...I wish you could too...It's a great experience being amongst other artists, so many varied styles and abilities too!