Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Graces - 25 - and some general silliness.

Work continues on the tree in the background. Response has been varied as to it's contents.I'm not yet ready to tell the whole story behind the picture, as there are other elements to add in which will add to the overall story. In the mean time, my day at the gallery was mainly quiet, but I managed to sell two of my watercolour paintings and one print. But aside from around 50 visitor, I had a few very quite periods. So I decided to make use of the self timer on my camera and have a bit of fun!
I decided to try looking mean and moody (steady on ladies!)...It didn't work!

... So I tried to be mean and moody with my glasses off..as I lent back, the two pictures were were pushed against the wall and the flash therefore reflected twice like balls of light on my shoulders!...then it was time to be more creative...

Superman?....no.....Spiderman?....no.....balding idiot artist?....yes!

I've got my eye on you!

Big mouth strikes again!....you've got to love the shark teeth (ll my own!)

In messing about, I realised that the picture behind me made quite a nice background with my other two heads on it.....Kryten ?

I see the Cyclops, I learnt all about him when I was a pupil in Mrs. Iris's Class.


Tys on Ice said...


on a bad day, this post was just what I needed.

Devil Mood said...

hahaha You are the best, really. Very creative indeed!