Friday, May 21, 2010

Putting the exhibition up. Cromford - Day 1 we go again...and this time I'm making things difficult for myself. I've ended up shedding tears twice already today as I've explained some of the background to my work to one person and chatted with a lovely woman who's Mum had died a few months ago. It lead me to thinking that 'Art' part of 'He'art' dwells with passion, emmotion. To this end I've included for the very first time all my most symbolic and complex images including some never seen in public before (see below)
The two pictures on the right are freshly framed for the very first time since they were created back in 1987 (it think it was)
Tomorrow i'm hoping to post some video of the exhibition..I've never tried that might fail magnificently....stay tuned ! See you tomorrow!


Julie Schuler said...

This is so brave of you! I can't wait to hear how they were received. I bet you will discover more things you never knew about them once you begin to talk about them.

Devil Mood said...

Aw :)
It takes a lot of courage to present such intimate things to the public, even if the public doesn't always realise it.
Good luck with the exhibition!

Niall young said...

Julie...don't worry, you'll hear.I hope you noticed the picture featuriing you in my photo? I've not forgotten that I'll get you a copy...I have been offered the services of a photographer to digitize my pics so they can be printed, so hopefully I'll can fulfil my promise !

DM...Yes, I do feel that it takes courage...of course I could just as easily bypass any conversation about my work, but that would devalue it or not, they are part of me.