Monday, May 24, 2010


Two things:..firstly I managed to forget to take my camera along to my exhibition today, so that means no update on my work...sorry! but I did have a good day. You never know who's going to walk through the door next. I've spoken to some wonderful people over the last few days .Something that makes me feel very humbled is the time people want to be in the visitors on the whole seem to enjoy me explaining the meaning behind some of the pictures, and I can tell you that here at the end of the day my voice is a little on the 'worn' side as I seem to have been talking all day. another interesting thing is the pictures that gather the most compliments are not usually the one's I'd expect. My last colour picture of the Can can dancer has gained many favourable comments oddly enough and all from women.As it was originally intended to be part of a larger composition, I've been asked to consider returning to the subject again!...good news for me as I love the subject!

I'm working at the gallery each day this I'm inclined to forget things (camera being the main thing today!) So I'll hopefully get my mind into gear tomorrow and bring you some more photos. Jan has also offered me use of her video camera, so expect some HD coverage sometime soon!


Devil Mood said...

You mean the blurred can can dancer? I really love that one too. Can I choose my print? :D

Niall young said...

DM...Yes, the blurred can can dancer was the one . ...and yes, please feel free to chose what ever you like!

Devil Mood said...

I would like the blurred can can dancer, in that case, and if that's possible. haha :)