Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Graces - 23

Started work on the back ground today..I need to begin work on an area that doesn't demand too much attention.This is because whilst I'm at my exhibition can easily stop working to talk to people. I'm hanging my exhibition tomorrow...I got a call from my framers to say that the pictures will be ready by lunch time, so I said I'll be in to collect them around mid day..I'll then go straight to the gallery. I'll have four hours to get everything up and running.


Jeanette said...

Good luck for the exhibition! You'll dazzle them all once more.

Love the star man and the hint of background. I love watching your pieces unfold slowly.

Niall young said...

Jeanette...thank you for the encouragement!...I'm organising , hanging and manning the exhibition all by myself this time. I shall be taking 'Graces' with me to work on whilst i'm there...should provoke some interesting comments!