Monday, May 03, 2010

Willington - Day three. End of exhibition

The end of a show is always a slightly sad occasion...there's a wonderful camaraderie which is shared between exhibitors. I was in a room with Nicky Ward who you might remember from from previous posts here. Nicky creates collages by using recylced materials and was a fantastic comrade to work with.
Above you can see the progress on these minipix trees...there will eventually be nine of these pictures together which I think will look nice. however, it's back to 'Three Graces' tomorrow, and begin to think of my next exhibition which will be in a couple of weeks...more info about that nearer the time!
or those ofyo wondering where the photos I promised to publish depicting the other exhibitions at Willington, I do have a series to show, but I will place them in an album over on my Facebook head on over there to see !


Devil Mood said...

So all in all a successful exhibition? I always like these mini-pix editions :)

Niall young said...

DM...YES!It was a success...and a real pleasure to have taken part. I'm glad you like these 'minipix'..I'm going to broaden the branches out a bit and strengthen some of the colours.