Sunday, May 23, 2010

Three Graces - 24 - Cromford mill exhibition day three and video!

Here's my first ever uploaded video to youtube. Sadly the quality is not very good, and I didn't realise that my camera recorded sound either, so I mimed my thanks and goodbyes at the end! Anyway, hope you enjoy this brief look at my time I'll ty for better quality!


Devil Mood said...

Niall, I loved this!!
It was amazing seeing all those pictures in one place, both the ones I knew from here, some which I had forgotten about but gave that feeling of 'Oh, long time no see!' and also new pictures - I really like that one of you with the hand on your face and that one at 3:21 left me curious.
Loved the trees too :)
I was thinking how overwhelming it must be for someone that doesn't know your work to find it all at once and in one place...

Anonymous said...

The video isn't connecting to the server, Niall.

Niall young said...'re always so encouraging! The pic at 3:21 was the third ever 'dot' picture I did and dates from 1984!!!I've only just decided to get it framed !

Robin...that's annoying!...I'm sorry that there are problems with the server.i've posted it on Facebook too, so maybe you can see it from there?

Sue said...

Loved the chance to walk through your exhibit! Although I would have lingered much longer :) but I know you can't do this on a video. Great work!

Devil Mood said...

Oh it's almost as old as me then :D
You seemed to master the technique already.

Niall young said...