Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Three Graces (restart 6!) - 4

Having once again laid awake thinking, I started work today by trimming some Tennis Girl's face off...(down the left hand side) This has balanced the face a little better...I did the same with the Maid's face which you'll see tomorrow. As I often say when I'm at the start of a picture, I need to get the faces right in order to carry on. I feel I have achieved this in this instance, so I'm able to go on with renewed confidence!

I thought you'd also like to see the kittens on their fourth day of life.Here you can only see two of them, but already I can see how much they've grown. In their first seven days they should double their birth weight...they are currently feeding for much of the day...their mother Wilbur is eating more than I've ever seen her eat before! We're now looking forward to the kittens opening their eyes which usually occurs between 7 and 14 days.