Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three Graces (restart 6!) - 6

I had thought it would be good to have 'Cello Girl' to be the third member of the trio, but decided in the end to go with this character with what would be if in colour long curly red hair. I love red hair by the way! I began by dotting in a single wavy line down the centre of the hair and then continued to expand around it.
The challenge was to create the many curls and the highlights which would give texture. Here below you can see the three together and you can see the outline where I propose to extend the hair to. This is as you know a very time consuming process...for the curls you see here, there is four hours of solid dotting! I'm really enjoying this part of the work! I've meant for years to produce a colour picture of long red curly hair....that will be a future project which I'll contemplate with relish!


Devil Mood said...

Wow, it's lovely! I do also love red hair and curls. :)