Monday, February 28, 2011

Tables - A bit more Prep.

I'm definitely not a shoe or foot'll have to take my word on that. But my Vicar needed some fancy footwear. Symbolically, they'll do for now,but I need to embellish them  at a later date.. I remember when I was at Art College, we had a visit from a costume and stage designer who spent time constructively criticising our work. The very best piece of advice she gave me which I still remember was, that if you're designing, painting, illustrating a character , to give them clothing which can not be bought off the peg. It has to be individual to that person. That's one of the reasons I like to add my own embellishments no matter how small or insignificant, a butterfly here or there, a skull or a space shuttle necklace get the idea.

The Vicar here is standing with arrogance and selfrighteousness...he considers that he has brought the argument of Creation versus evolution under his dominion...(hence his foot on the skull)...but the hidden things are revealed which show his hypocritical nature. The boot therefore is an extreme 'fetish' item which (for my symbolic purposes here) represents the 'cult' of 'Creationism' where some sectors of the church become entangled in the need to prove by  that the world was created by God. It doesn't matter one jot weather it was or not, because there's nothing you can do about it anyway..I think it's a diversion from caring for the poor and needy to be honest. I think if I were the devil...I'd sit back and say, "My work here is done...they are so concerned with trying to argue the toss with academics and anyone else, that there's no need for me to get involved...they're too busy to go 'into the world'.

Sounds like I have a chip on my shoulder doesn't it?..Well i have....more about that another time! I aim to begin the dotting tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

Wow, that is one special shoe! Must be fun to create such specific objects (and actually be able to draw them, as opposed to not knowing how to hold a pencil lol).

You're absolutely right about the Creationism debate. There are certainly more important things to take care of...

Niall young said...

DM..Thank you...although the boot is not my design entirely...I do need to add bits, I quite like the idea of the heel being like a cork screw...we'll see!

J. Kwiatkowski said...

That is a great boot. I probably would have worn a couple of those ten years ago. I just became really self-conscious about my feet about a week ago. So neglected over the winter, now I'm all scrubbing and pumicing to have my toes pink and pearly for the sun, which should come out in about eight? or ten? weeks.
It drives me nuts that we want our students to excel at math and science, and be world leaders, and then insist that creationism should be taught in place of science. I feel like saying "If there was a God, He would certainly think you are stupid."