Wednesday, February 09, 2011

White Ladies - 52

 Continued with the's actually quite difficult to give them all individual I've repeated quite a few of them reversing their positions at times. I've now only got the far left quarter to complete which all being well will be done tomorrow. however I'm now having my attentions vied for by a book about the Cancan I ordered at the weekend. 'Cancan' is published by Cancan Publishing. Written by David Price, it is probably the most detailed and researched book on the history of and social significance of the dance.If you have any passing interest yourself , it is a must read and is the only book exclusively on the subject available! I'll write more about it when i've finished reading it!
 As I worked this afternoon, I looked up and saw this fella sitting on my neighbour's roof...I like to think he was just keeping his eye on me to make sure I made a good job of drawing him!


J. Kwiatkowski said...

Lol. Why is he holding a little cane? It looks like he's ready to do a little dance.

Niall young said...

Julie...I never noticed that! that is wonderful1 The 'cane' is a retainer for the ridge tiles I think...He just needs a monacle and top hat now!