Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tables - Prep.

 Today it was time to transfer the tracings of my drawings to some watercolour paper. I've chosen some Hot Pressed paper this time for it's smooth surface. Above you can see the tracings placed in the far right hand corner of the page. after some consideration, I've decided to alter the closeness of the boy and lectern and the Vicar ...this is easy to do.
 Above is the transferred drawings with the lines strengthened by overdrawing. You can see the boy is closer to the lectern.
 Above is a rather lopsided photo showing the drawing froma closer viewpoint. You will see the the Vicar does not have anything to rest his foot on. I needed to produce more accurate drawings of the Neanderthal skull. Below you can see the drawing I've done in my sketchbook...I used an online photo for reference. I've then traced the drawing. You can then see the final transferred skull now safely under the Mad vicar's stiletto!
Now I've made all the transfers I need to make for now, I shall begin to work on the vicar's face first.But because the drawing is relatively large compared to some of my other images, I will need to embellish and decorate his clothing...for example, the (I don't know the proper name ) the sash thing he has round his neck needs lots of detail and patterns of some appropriate symbolism. His shoes should not be just plain high heeled court shoes, but should really be some extravagant fetish boot...I'll have to do some research for some thing suitable.