Thursday, February 03, 2011

White Ladies - 47

I've managed to work well again today. This is good in itself, but other things have gone well too. I'm planning a party for my birthday in November and ideally (as readers here will know!) I wanted a troop of Cancan dancers. Well thanks to a friend who suggested them, i've just had confirmation that the Vanessa Millar School Of Dancing from Belper in Derbyshire can dance for me! The next good thing was a good friend of the family advertised on Facebook a two seater sofa for sale...we've been looking to replace a sofa too, so tonight we went and managed to fit it into the back of our car (albeit with a certain amount hanging out of the back!). So all in all a good end to the day I would say!


Devil Mood said...

Wow, how exciting to have them at your party :D Should be immensely original, as you are!

I really like how dark the sky became all of a sudden - very scary. :)

Niall young said...

DM...I like the fact you get 'scary' from the sky...that's exctly what i overall uneasy menace is the final aim.

I'm still working on further ideas for the in negotiations with a local band to play at the evening.I'd also like someone to preside over the evening introducing various acts....i'm in danger of getting too ambitious though...