Monday, February 07, 2011

White Ladies - 50

the wind blew strong in our region  of England today, gusts were measured at around 50 - 60 mph...and as I looked out of my bedroom window whilst sitting at my desk, I saw what looked like scraps of black material, pieces of clothing ripped from their washing lines to scud across the sky.  It was in fact crows in flight.I imagined that they'd struggled to fly against the wind but abandoned all effort and had lain back to let the wind carry them where it would. I decided to put crows in my picture.

 Here you can see me working on one of the crows. I love their quizzical stares and their arrogant strutting.The irredecent sheen of their glossy black feathers make them look like oil slicks on legs. I shall continue the crows across the rest of the page


Devil Mood said...

Ah, aren't they lucky to be to just go with the wind? :)

J. Kwiatkowski said...

We have had some magnificently large crows in our yard lately. They look so muscular. That must have been some wind.

Niall young said...

DM and julie...that wind was nothing compared to the north of England and Scotland. My friend was visiting his son who's working at an outdoor pursuit centre in Aviemore. The wind was measured at 100 mph and gusting in the mountains was measured at 150mph..!!!