Saturday, April 28, 2012

Influences and inspiration. - Jean Rollin

Now..I'm certainly NOT an expert on the life and movies of Jean Rollin( that's why I've posted a link to a Jean Rollin dedicated blog at the bottom of this post!)...but I've seen a few, and I love his use of space...atmosphere and low budget filming. what Hollywood and multimillion dollar CGI production can achieve in seconds...Rollin weaves subtle and dreamlike sequences to achieve a poetic and hypnotic scape of fantasy and horror.

I particularly like his Vampire movies which often feature religious symbolism and winsome girls walking through cemeteries and deserted beaches. I love the cinematography..the bleached out colours..the lack of dialogue and composition. the acting leaves a little to be desired, but these 'art house' horror movies are to those prepared to fore go their preconceptions, tales of beauty, fantasy and morality.
love him or hate him, Jean Rollin secured a niche in the market by producing stylish and cult favourites. the series of photos here represent what I consider the more attractive reasons to view his movies, and I for one can releate totally with his framing and subject matter!...Head on over to the link below to find out more!